Wednesday, September 22, 2010

New songs, new e-cigs, and more

Started tracking 2 new songs the other day, and I think I finally have what I need to make a first-rate self-recorded album. Well, except for a real life bass guitar. I've got my eye on a sweet Ibanez Soundgear 6-string, just gotta come up with the cash for it.

So, the tunes. Both are instrumentals, one is a heavy piece that'll smash your face into the back of your skull, the other is going to be so beautifully lush and sweet that you'll cry worse than when your first pet died. Having quit smoking 17 months ago in favor of e-cigs, my voice is a lot stronger now that I'm no longer breathing in cigarette smoke every 15 minutes, but I'm still not confident enough to put my vocals on a track. Soon, though, I'm still practicing.

Speaking of e-cigs, bought a 510 Riva kit today. It's the first e-cig I've bought since I got my Puresmoker Prodigy v1 mod May of last year. The Prod has been just fine for me, but I'm a gadget geek and I finally broke down and got some new hardware. Looking forward to it, have heard some really nice things about it, and it was dirt cheap, too.

This FDA thing looming over our heads is growing, too. Oral arguments in the appeal for the lawsuit between NJOY and the FDA are supposed to be tomorrow, I believe, so I'm eager to hear news of that. FDA is on the losing side of that appeal, so I'm hoping the momentum from the initial ruling carries over and the injunction against the FDA is upheld. As soon as I see some news on it, I'll share.

My office finally told me yesterday that they're ordering my new Verizon phone. Contract was up weeks ago, and it's taken every ounce of willpower not to throw my current phone through the window, but by this time next week I should have my new Samsung Fascinate. I've started work on an Android application, and the emulators on the PC do a decent job for testing, but actually having an Android device will be a welcome change.

So, good week this week. I'll try to post some rough cuts of the toons I'm working on later this week to see how you all like 'em.

Vape on, and keep rockin'.


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